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Entrepreneurship Education

What is entrepreneurship? If you are an entrepreneurship teacher you will here find excellent entrepreneurship education material.

As an educator you can get a free 30 US dollar entrepreneurship training text book.
- Ask for the entrepreneurship text book: The Dynamic Business Plan

What is entrepreneurship education?

We call this entrepreneurship education material: Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit.
We think excellent entrepreneurship education consist of three ingredients:

  1. Creativity – creating all kinds of ideas
  2. Innovation - find the value in selected ideas
  3. Entrepreneurship – develop a business from the innovative idea
On these pages you will find education material focusing on "entrepreneurship" - i. e. developing a business plan.

Teaching concept in 1.37 minutes video

Teaching entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship education is about transforming an idea into reality and then actually try to do it. It is opposite to the academic approach where you only talk about entrepreneurship and study books.

Entrepreneurship education is a practical task where you design your education in such a way that you make the students “do it”. As a lecturer you must push the students to act and try some of the startup activities in real life situations.

Make the students go to the surrounding area of the school and talk to businesses and shopkeepers, find possible customers and ask their opinion on the product or service they are planning to sell. When back in the class room you discuss with the students the findings from the real world experience.

Entrepreneurship teaching tools

Here you find practical tools and templates that guide your students to find answers for startup questions:

Inspiration to your own teaching

Experience says that even if you are an excellent educator, teaching entrepreneurship can be a challenge. Here you will find inspiration to implement entrepreneurship education at your own college/university:

Why free entrepreneurship education material?

I, Mr. Mogens Thomsen, the owner of Thomsen Business Information and this web site was inspired by the UNDP report “Unleashing Entrepreneurship”. The report says that one of the pillars of entrepreneurship is: “Access to Skills and Knowledge”

I have the belief that most persons have the ability to start a business. They just need core knowledge about starting a business and that is one of the gifts I can deliver to the world community. 175 teachers from around the world have asked for education material.

If I help potential entrepreneurs to become actual entrepreneurs I feel I have participated in making the world a better place. Especially if they embrace and support the 10 principals of Global Compact

Feedback from web site

Respected sir thanks for the valuable literature provided. It immensely benefits me and our students.
Dr.S.Radhakrishna, Professor of civil engineering, India

You have some great materials here.
Chuck Jones, USA

Have now adopted it as main course reference. Am very happy. Its like Teaching Entrepreneurship Made Easy
Thomas Masese, Zimbabwe

I am thankful to you for your assistance. Indeed it is so encouraging to have gotten such material, becauseI have been searching on the net, everywhere, but no luck. I have set up a small primary school where am trying to apply some of these principles.
Patrick Mukisa, Uganda

I am most grateful to you for your benevolence and kind gesture to Entrepreneurship Educators across the globe. I promise to use it in our entrepreneurship education programme. More power to your elbow.
Dr. Chinonye, Senior Lecturer, Nigeria

Business Student website about Business plan writing

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
– Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University

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