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Free Entrepreneurship Text Book

If you are a lecture who wants to teach entrepreneurship you can request the entrepreneurship text book.

If you are a lecture who wants to teach entrepreneurship you can request the text book: The Dynamic Business Plan – free of charge. You can use it as the theory book in your own teaching.

This 120 pages book describes in a very practical way how to start a business. It explains the theoretical background for the practical templates, which you also can use in your teaching.

Request free text book

Request the text book Dynamic Business Plan by contacting Mr. Mogens Thomsen by this e-mail, post@mogensthomsen.dk
Please state in your e-mail:

  1.  Name,
  2. Country
  3. College/University

College/University issue

If your college/university wants to use the text book as your own “Entrepreneurship literature” we can create a special version of the Dynamic Business Plan, with your college/university logo and introduction text. Ask for a price.

Feedback on the book

Soumendu , India 14-03-2014
Hi, I´m a student of St. Xavier´s College, Calcutta. Currently I have a paper named Entrepreneurship Development for my semester. I will be glad to receive a copy of your book

Chuck Jones, USA 14-03-2014
You have some "interesting" materials here.

Greetings for the day from Mr Amol from India. Thank you very much for sending me e-copy of your wonderful book on Dynamic business plan. I have gone through the book and found it very interesting and in a simple language easy to understand and suited to all requirements and all the possible information is given due weightage in your book.

Dr. Chinonye, Senior Lecturer, Nigeria 27-06-2013
This is to acknowledge the receipt of your free book on Dynamic business plan and the templates. I am most grateful to you for your benevolence and kind gesture to Entrepreneurship Educators across the globe. I promise to use it in our entrepreneurship education programme. More power to your elbow.

Patrick Mukisa , Uganda 09-03-2013
I am thankful to you for your assistance. Indeed it is so encouraging to have gotten such material, because i have been searching on the net, everywhere, but in great fail. I have set up a small primary school where am trying to apply some of these principles.

Sani  Gaya, Nigeria 21-01-2013
Entrepreneurship is exiting to me and my students, when ever we discuss it.

CA Debaish Banerjee, India 07-11-2012
The simplest of ideas (with great value addition to the society at large) are the most successful ventures

Chege Gikomi, Kenya 27-09-2012
I have been training entrepreneurship for the last five years and have realised how important people need to development positive attitude towards what they do for them to succeed. Those who look down upon small beginnings fail to know that, its through the small startups that great businesses have developed. We should keep on reminding our entrepreneurs that sweet Mangos are found at the highest point of the Mango tree but derive their sweetness from the roots.

Thomas Masese, Zimbabwe 25-07-2012
Have now adopted it as main course reference. Am very happy. Its like Teaching Entrepreneurship Made Easy

Katleho Sadialunda, South Africa 21-05-2012
doing things the way that must be done. Being an entrepreneur means creating job and building your economy you must sher what you have with others

Indeed, I am a Trainer in different privater and public University colleges, in that matter I am successfull. But I had no any private business. It is because of assuming that I will have Phd degree in entrepreneurship and regional Development and after that I will start my Business. So, if I will get a chance for my dream, pls contact me with my e-mail address.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
- Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

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