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Entrepreneurship context

The training programme “Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit” is different from other entrepreneurship programmes.

The author of this web site believes that the individual person /study group must be actively involved in entrepreneurial activity if proper entrepreneurial learning can take place. This means that the students must try to start a business or act as if they want to start a business.

This view of entrepreneurship education is built from years of experience and from solid theoretical studies.

Theoretical background

Olsen and Bosserman (1984, 53) says that “individuals will exhibit entrepreneurial behaviour when they possess a combination of three attributes”, namely:

  1. Role orientation - emphasising effectiveness
  2. Abilities - to think both intuitively and rationally
  3. Motivation - the driving force behind action

According to Alain Fayolle (2002) to achieve these, it seems necessary to adopt an approach to learning that:

  • Gives participants ownership of their learning, including negotiating with their tutor, their own learning objectives, the resources, etc.
  • Involves participants in problem-solving in real-world situations, possibly in teams
  • Encourages participants to formulate decisions on data which are immediate, incomplete, “dubious” and, as appropriate, personally generated
  • Provides participants with role models who are involved in both the learning and assessment processes

This approach to learning is deeply founded in the Scandinavian educational tradition and is the basis for our approach to entrepreneurship education.

Goal of training programme

The goal of the training programme “Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit” is:

  • To provide the participants the understanding that they themselves can create a business and give them the tools to carry out this entrepreneurial desire.

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.
– Grace Hopper, American computer scientist

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