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Be Specific About Your Product

Be very specific about the things you are selling, it makes your business stand out.

Try to specify exactly what you are selling. Many companies have difficulty in telling the public what they are selling.

Be exact

If you sell soft drinks or shoes then it is fairly easy to state the exact product. But if you want to sell your own developed software or work as a consultant it sometimes can get a bit more complicated.


What kind of software is it? Software to optimise work flow, 3D and visual effects or software that measure ones heart beat – or even the rhythm in a music box?


And even, what kind of consultant exactly? Are you a daily management, logistic, European affairs, wedding or funeral consultant? You can find many different consultants, so be specific and don´t expect others to guess the correct type.

Example: Sports Bar and Cafe

For example, if you are opening a Sports Bar and Cafe you could specify your product in these categories:

  1. Beverage
     - Soft drinks
    - Tea & coffee
    - Alcoholic
  2. Food
    - Menus
    - A la carte
    - Snacks
  3. Sports effects
    - Football
    - Cricket
    - Other

Example: An IT expert could be selling 3 products:

  • Product 1: A strategy paper stating the pros and cons about online trade for the specific company and what measures to be taking to implement an IT strategy.
  • Product 2: Implementation of the IT strategy. This means making sure that the economic system of the company is able to communicate with the web shop.
  • Product 3: Service contract with a maximum 4 hour time of response.
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