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Different from your competitors

As a business you must stand out from the crowd and find out what you are best at.

Look at your community, the area in the city, the new mall or the local market. You are probably able to buy whatever product or service you like.

So why start a new business when you already can buy everything?

You have to do better

Because you can do better - hopefully. You have to ask yourself:

  • In what way is my product or service better than the ones already available?

What is a defference

The differences can be small but crucial. E.g.:

  • Your family can supply you with fresh shrimps
  • Few have the computer skills you have
  • Your stand is very close to a bus station
  • Your cousin has studied in Europe and has contact with a European businessman
  • Your education gives you new knowledge to perform better
  • Your personality will give your customers a good feeling so they purchase more
  • You have, over the last 10 years, become friends with important purchasing agents

Unique Selling Point - USP

The business term Unique Selling Point or USP means "In what way is my product or service better than the one already available?"

When you find your USP you should use it as your best argument why the customer should buy your product.

Money coming in says I´ve made the right marketing decisions.
Adam Osborne, made the first portable computer

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