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Entrepreneurship concept

The target group for “Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Spirit” is college or university students – or adults with at least a college degree.

The training concept consists of the following eight training modules:

  1. Establish a creative learning environment
  2. Develop/adapt an idea from which a business will be created
  3. Lecture about using a business plan
  4. Lecture about budgeting a new business
  5. Participant consultations with lecturers
  6. Group work creating a business plan – lecturers are consultants
  7. Lecture on presentation skills
  8. Presentation of business plan – maybe for invited persons

Training overview

The training is planned to take place during 40 lessons. The time frame can be adapted to the circumstances.

During lessons the participants will be guided /coached from having no clear business idea - and maybe no knowledge about business - to have created a business plan and presented it to fellow participants and lecturers.

This is possible with the use of:

  • The educator’s ability to motivate students
  • The educator’s ability to teach business plan knowledge
  • www.dynamicbusinessplan.com which delivers the entrepreneurship education material

The training must:

  • Give participants an idea of how to start a business
  • Enable the participants to spot a business idea
  • Provide an understanding of the concept of a business plan
  • Enable the participants to create an operating budget

The training should:

  • Unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of the participant
  • Encourage the participant to actually start a business
  • Make the participants feel confident with own possibilities


If you must evaluate the education it can be done by a “Reaction evaluation” and a “Learning – knowledge and skills evaluation”

The reaction evaluation will be based on a written evaluation scheme handed out to the participants after the final training event while participants are still are sitting in the training event room.

The Learning – knowledge and skills evaluation will be done by the lecturers. The student’s presentation of their business plan will show if they have understood what it means to start a business.
The lecturer could fill out the “Five criteria scheme for Dynamic Business Plan Diploma”. The five criteria are:

  1. Business idea
  2. Depth of product description
  3. Depth of knowledge of market and sales potential
  4. Realism in and understanding of budget
  5. Entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm

Depth of data

Relevant topics in the plan shall be supported by data. The more solid the data in the business plan is the higher quality.
You can divide data in three categories:

  1. Factual data – e.g. when one table cost 500 $ two must cost 1.000 $.
  2. Estimated data – e.g. five customers out of 20 asked, said they will buy the product - therefore 25 % might buy ..
  3. Allegations - I just believe it is like that …

He knows not his own strength that hath not met adversity.
– Ben Jonson, English playwrighter, 1573-1637

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