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Social Enterprise Business Plan

A social enterprise business plan describes the basis for a social enterprise

A business plan is a description of the social and economic activities you and your organization want to perform.

A social enterprise has many stakeholders and the business plan is a good platform for dialogue with all parties.

Focus on the right things

Are you planning to start a social enterprise or reorganize your existing organization or association, you probably work with a lot of people, organizations and companies?

The social enterprise business plan is the document that gathers the threads from your preparation. It asks all the right questions so you are sure you have covered all the right aspects in your social enterprise.

Social enterprise business plan template

You can download a template for a social enterprise business plan. The template is a word document that asks 80 questions covering all vital aspects in a social enterprise.

Answer the questions and you will have a deep understanding of your new social enterprise. It does take time to write the business plan because many answers you have to investigate before you can answer them.

Content for social enterprise business plan

The template for the Social enterprise business plan is structured around these areas:

  1. Background information
  2. Summary
  3. The purpose of the social enterprise
  4. Important partners
  5.  Revenue in the social enterprise
    - Pure commercial income
    - Social economic income
  6. Description of the companys customers
    - Commercial customers
    - The target group for social action
  7. Sales and marketing
    -. Commercial customers
    - Contact the target audience
  8. Organization of the social enterprise
  9. Documentation of social action
  10. Budgets
  11. Financing

Read more about social enterprise from the English website Social enterprise UK

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