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Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

Download a business plan book designed for women entrepreneurs.

The United Nation organization UN Women has asked for a special edition of a business plan book. Here it is.

The author of this business plan book is Mogens Thomsen and he has for years advised entrepreneur from around the world on how to start a small business. He has experienced that women entrepreneurs are very skillful and have good business ideas but too few take the step to start a new business.

One of the reasons for this could be women´s lack of confidence in executing their business idea. Maybe the lack of confidence come from too little information about the different tasks you have to perform when starting a small business?


Startup guide for women entrepreneurs

 This 140 pages UN Women business plan for women entrepreneurs is a guide to start a small business. It explains in 9 chapters the issues a woman entrepreneur has to consider when she starts a small business.

If you have considered all 9 issues you will have more knowledge about starting a small business than most men will ever obtain. Read the business plan book for women entrepreneurs and you will experience you also have the skills to start a small business. 

Download women business plan book

Download the book: Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs (PDF)

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Find the book Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs at UN website EmpowerWomen

Luck favors the one who is well prepared.
- Soren Hougaard, Danish professor in Entrepreneurship

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