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Business Plan App

The business plan app is a 9 steps guide that helps you to start your own business. Available in App Store and Google Play

The iPhone/iPad version has a business plan editor included. This means you can write your business plan directly on your IOS device and print it as a professional pdf document

Business plan app in your pocket

Whenever you feel to study startup you have all the answers in your pocket. Below you see the 9 issues you have to relate to when starting a small business. Click the picture and start downloading your reference book to start a small business.

See how the app works:



Go to Business plan app in Google Play

Extremely useful business plan app for iPhone
- Hansson, international business consultant

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9 Steps to Start a Small Business
Step 1 Entrepreneur /Team Resources
Step 2 Product or Services
Step 3 Description of the Market
Step 4 Sales and Marketing
Step 5 Organising your Company
Step 6 Business Development
Step 7 Budgets
Step 8 Financing
Step 9 Business Concept
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