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Template business plan

This website has the best business plan templates that can guide you to create a professional business plan

Steps to create template business plan

  1. Download template business plan to your computer
  2. Read about content in business plan
  3. Answer the 70 questions in the business plan template
  4. When the questions are answered you have made your business plan template

Startups rarely die from lack of ambition, only from a lack of focus.
- Satya Patel, Partner at Homebrew

Download Business Plan templates
9 Steps to Start a Small Business
Step 1 Entrepreneur /Team Resources
Step 2 Product or Services
Step 3 Description of the Market
Step 4 Sales and Marketing
Step 5 Organising your Company
Step 6 Business Development
Step 7 Budgets
Step 8 Financing
Step 9 Business Concept
Template business plan
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