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Example of an Operating Budget

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From this page you will learn:
  1. What an operating budget is
  2. Which accounts you have in an operating budget

All operating budgets for a commercial companies follow this structure:

Sale / Turnover
- Variable costs / used goods
= Gross profit
- Fixed costs
- Depreciation
- Interests
= Profit

Below you can find different types of expenses. Maybe your company does not have all the expenses. Then just delete the expense (the account) in your budget.
Maybe you have another expense. Then just put it in the budget. The budget must reflect your company.

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The Operating Budget

The budget follows the structure explained above.

Sale / Turnover

  • Sale of product / service no. 1
  • Sale of product / service no. 2
  • Sale of product /service no. … Estimate sale for each major product /service

Variable costs

  • Materials - raw materials and finished products which you use for production or sale
  • Salary - only for workers in production
  • Transport costs - and any costs related to transport of the raw materials and finished products

Fixed costs

  • Wages - for staff in shops and offices
  • Rent - for buildings
  • Electricity, heat, water
  • Renovation and maintenance of buildings
  • Cleaning
  • Car service/mileage allowance
  • Travel costs
  • Stationary telephone
  • Postage and charges
  • Mobile phone
  • Internet-connection
  • Website subscription/hosting and upgrading
  • Marketing/advertisement/advertising
  • Meeting expenses
  • Insurances
  • Computer equipment
  • Computer network
  • Leasing-expenses
  • Minor purchases
  • Maintenance
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Other consultancy
  • Unexpected costs (5% of costs)


  • Interest on bank loan
  • Interest on overdraft facility
  • Other interest


  • Plant/buildings
  • Machinery
  • Other things
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Example of an Operating Budget

Sathyaprakash K , India 07-10-2014
Can you help me in sharing a security department budget template for a hotel industry. It is a five star hotel

everist bastaldo, trinidad and tobago 09-05-2014
studying accounting looking for an example.

Riham Sulthan, Sri Lanka 31-12-2013
I like this explanation. Charted Accountans

Roy Ausage, American Samoa 26-08-2013

Jane Banda, United States 01-03-2013
I just love this explanation. It is common sense.

SURESH V, India 08-09-2012
8 Years of experience in the field of Accounting and Finance, presently heading the department for past 4 months

Jerom Mark, Papua New Guinea 19-07-2012
Accountant; Balance statement to cash flow.

Tariq, uae 21-02-2012
I have experiences in retail. applying for store incharge want to know how they prepare budget plan in retail electronic

meera, malaysia 13-11-2011
business adminisration

ivan oommen, australia 10-05-2011
operations leader

Susan, USA 20-04-2011

Mogens Thomsen, Scandinavia 17-01-2010
You can downlaod an example of a budget from the IT company MoogTech at Business plan - an example

Eric Baloyi , SA 26-11-2009
I normally create budgets where the different expenses are divided into 12 months. It gives a more accurate picture of the expenses.


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