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Sourcing from Banks

What do banks require to lend you money to finance your business start-up?

The best tool to obtain the necessary financing is that you have made a detailed business plan. Then you know your business.

Banks finance operation

Banks do not normally finance innovative ventures that do not have a product yet. They finance the operation of the business, e.g. buildings, work in progress, stock and installations.

Be prepared

Do not go to the bank before you have prepared for the meeting. The banker would like to see:

  • A mini business plan explaining your product and how you will sell it
  • An establishing budget
  • An operating budget
  • A cash flow budget
  • The assumptions for the budget, e.g.: We expect to sell xx items at a prize of yy
  • The present income and expenses of the owner/owners
  • If the business is in operation show the present turnover and expenses

Cash Flow

A cash flow budget shows your expected borrowing requirement in exact figures. Based on your personal, establishing, and operating budgets you can make the cash flow budget. Maybe you have to buy an accountant to work it out for you – it is a bit difficult to make.

You are being evaluated

To grant your company a loan the bank will evaluate:

  • Your personal background and personality in relation to your commercial concept
  • Your mission, motives, strategy and contemplated business format
  • Your selling abilities
  • Budgets and borrowing requirement

Can you stand an evaluation?

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Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.
- Tim Notke - no information about him

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