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How Much Funding Capital do You Need

Not all entrepreneurs need a large funding capital.

Very few of those starting their own business have a lot of money to invest in the company. Then again, few companies require substantial financial resources to get started. a

Small funding capital

Usually, a consultancy, graphic designer, event manager, a cleaning company or a software engineering company does not require huge start-up capital.

Besides its knowledge pool, such a company usually needs only a phone, a computer, an internet connection and means of transportation. When these things are in place they can start their business.

If your country require different startup fees and annual payments this will of cause come on top of your startup costs.

Large funding capital

It is the complete opposite for retailers and for development-intensive companies such as biotech, computer game development and manufacturing companies.

If you are to start a small computer store, your capital requirements will quickly mount. You need a shop with a good location, skilled workers and a stock of computers. This cost a lot of money.

How much money are you able to find?

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