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I am rather confident that the best business plan app from App Store is Business Plan for Entrepreneurs Startup. It gives you business essentials for entrepreneurs – no more no less.

All the information is stored at your iPhone so you do not have to be on expensive online lines to access the information from the best app for business plan development.

On the move with your iPhone
The best part with this iPhone app is that you always carry sufficient information about starting a business in your pocket. You can always access information that can answer most of the questions you as an entrepreneur might ask.

When you bought the app in the App Store you bought access to 100 answers to your 100 startup questions.

9 Steps in the best app
In 9 steps the app will guide you to a thorough knowledge of starting a business and you will get a practical approach to startup.

  1. What is your business idea?
  2. What resources can you put into your business?
  3. Do you know your product in depth?
  4. Who are your customers?
  5.  How will you approach your customers?
  6. How to manage every-day running?
  7. How does your business look in three years?
  8. Can you earn a living from your business?
  9. How do you raise the money needed?

Best app – extra business plan features
You will when purchasing the app in App Store find these extra features which gives you extra value

  • Business plans Example Sports Café
  • Business plans Example MoogTech - IT company
  • Free business plan template
  • Operating budget template
  • Establishing budget template
  • Cash flow budget template
  • Marketing plan template
  • The iBook The Dynamic Business Plan
If all this is not a good buy fom App Store I do not know what is!