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Make a Website

Nowadays, all business owners should have their own web site.

If just a few of your customers have access to a PC or smartphone connected to the internet, you need to create your own website.

If the website is not yet the main communication tool for your line of business it will be in a few years.

Everybody needs a website

Restaurants, carpenters, consultants, production companies, cleaning companies - all need a website. It is becoming a routine to check a company´s profile on the web, so make sure yours is presented the best way.

You could start with a small website. Maybe just one single page with your business card that’s been enlarged. Many website companies offer a free website with access to 10-15 web pages. All you have to do is to buy your domain name.

Domain is important

REMEMBER to register your company name as a domain on the internet – for instance www.YourCompanyName.com. If it is occupied choose another company name.

Sharpens the profile

Creating your company´s website is an extremely good exercise when developing your new business. Knowing that many people have the possibility to look at it forces you to focus hard on what you want to tell the public about your “new baby” - your company.

How to make a website

When you start a small company, it is very easy and inexpensive to create a web site. You need:

  1. A place to register your domain name
  2. 2. A service provider that hosts your website
  3. A system where you write and design your web site

Many hosting companies sell these three things in one package. The editor of this web site has used the web company Web.com to deliver the service. They have shown to be cheap, reliable and easy to work with.

The company located in the US, but their service can be used all over the world.

Content of the website

Make your first web site as clear and simple as possible. For a service company like a consultant, graphic designer or accountant you can do with these five pages:

  1. HOME - Your front page, where you state your name, what you sell and your address

  2. SERVICE/PRODUCT - Here, you explain a bit more about what you sell. Still, be precise so the customer knows what it is they are getting from you

  3. PROFILE - As a service provider you will often be the one to deliver the service. Explain your competences to make your customer believe in you. A photo of yourself could also add value to the profile.

  4. REFERENCES - If you can find customers that will speak out for you, write their testimonial on this page

  5. CONTACT - Make it easy for people to contact you. Display your company’s business number, telephone number and physical address, as it increases customers’ trust in you.

Make a website illustration

Embrace surprises that arise from uncertain situations, remaining flexible rather than holding on to existing goals.
- Saras Saravethy, professor in entrepreneurship

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