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Staff Policy

If you have any export expectations it will be a good idea from the start to focus on your staff policy.

Not only the staff in your own business but also for staff in companies you have subcontracted with.

Many foreign customers will ask if you can present social accountability in your business. The consumers in Europe, US, Australia and other places ask for products produced with respect for the labour force. So, in order to sell your products you must treat your staff in accordance with international agreements.

Social accountability

Social accountability means that you for instance follow some of the ILO conventions. ILO is the International Labour Organisation. You have to prove that there is:

  • No child labour in the production
  • No Forced Labour
  • Basic Occupational Health & Safety schemes
  • Secure Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
  • No Discrimination
  • No Disciplinary Practices - no use or support the use of corporal punishment, etc.
  • An average of max. 48 working hours per week - rest at least one day

This approach is gaining more and more momentum every year so why not start, be in the forefront and show social accountability?

- See also Handbook for Core Labor Standards
- Be part of Global Compact movement - ten good principles

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