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Computer Bookkeeping?

Today you have several options to do your bookkeeping - which to chose?/

When designing your financial system you should consider whether to use a computer bookkeeping programme, a online programme, a piece of paper, a ledger book or a spreadsheet.
It all depends of the number of transactions and the complexity of the company.

10 transactions per month

If you are a freelancer with only 10 transactions per month you could use a ledger book or a spreadsheet as the tool for keeping your accounts. Within a year you will only have to register 120 transactions.

10 transaction per week

If you have 10 transaction per week you should consider a PC bookkeeping programme. In a year you will have entered 520 transactions. Using a PC will help you make the paper work and at the end of the financial year it will be easy to make the financial statement.

You donĀ“t have to buy an expensive and complicated bookkeeping programme for this purpose. You might even find freeware programmes.

10 transactions a day

If you have 10 transactions a day you should definitely use a PC based bookkeeping programme. You cannot keep track of 3650 transactions a year without a PC programme.


You could ask yourself the following question before acquiring a bookkeeping programme:

  1. How much time do you spend keeping the books?
  2. How much time do you spend preparing reports?
  3. What information do you need and how quick do you need it?
  4. Can a manual system give this information?
  5. What programmes are available for your sized business?
  6. How much training do you / your staff need?
  7. What does training, programme, hardware, expertise cost?
  8. Free accounting software

Try free accounting software

If you have less than 20 customers and suppliers you can download a 14 days free accounting software from BIlly. If you have more than 2 Get some experience in making your account and then you can change to the accounting system of your choice.

The great thing about working in the Accounting Department is that everybody counts.
- Unknown accountant