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Reception at Business Start

It can be a good idea to gather friends, former colleagues, family, business associates, the press and other to an opening ceremony for your start-up.

As a business owner you should always consider how you can promote your business. The more you promote the more known it will become known to customers who will buy your products or services. A celebration for the start day for your start-up is an opportunity you shouldn’t let go unnoticed. Start inviting from your network.

You can make a small event at your new premises or make it into a big bang at the local stadium. It all depends on you as a person and in what line of trade you are in.

You start a new life

A reception is a way of telling the world that you are around and that you have started a new life as a businessman. Your time as a student, employee - or unemployment is over. A new chapter in your life has started.

Public Relations

The very best marketing you can get is a presentation in a newspaper, magazine, radio or television.

An editorial article makes your company very trustworthy because a journalist has interviewed you and written about your product or service, or about you as a person.

It is rather difficult to catch the eye of a journalist. You need to deliver something special that will interest the newspaper´s readers.

Are you interesting for the journalist?

If you live in an area where people know each other, then the local newspaper might find it interesting that "The son of Mr. Wu takes over the restaurant".

National papers want bigger news or news that is in line with an official policy. If you, after two years of study in Denmark, start exporting merchandise from the Beijing Opera, a headline for a national newspaper could be:

  • “Scholarship in Scandinavia opens new ground for export to Europe”.

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