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Fixed Costs / Overhead Expenses

Example of what your fixed costs consists of.

Profit and Loss Statement for a commercial company usually follow this structure:

Sale / Turnover
- Variable Costs / Used Goods
= Gross Profit
- Fixed Costs
- Depreciation
- Interest
= Profit

Each of the items in the Profit and Loss statement should be examined at regular intervals. You can always minimise costs or optimise performance.

Fixed Cost / Overhead expense

The questions you could ask when looking at the Fixed Costs / Overhead expenses could be:

  • Can we reduce any of the Overhead Expenses without affecting the production income negatively?

    Do we need to buy stationary for 1.950 $ and what is it that we bought?

    Go through all entries in the Salary account.

  • What do each staff member in the administration get in salary? Is it too high – or too low?

  • Can we reduce some of the bank fees? - And what kind of expenses are included in bank fees?

  • Why is the cash deviation so big?

  • Can we find less expensive consultants which are just as good?

  • Do we have to spend so much on transport?

  • Does mileage on the cars relate to expenses on gasoline?

  • Why are transport costs not put on variable costs under the different sections so it would reflect the sections´ use of the car?

  • Which buildings have we maintained this year?

  • Who did the maintenance work and on what price? Did we get an offer from three contractors?

  • Have we chosen the best way of depreciation and do we have obsolete machinery?

  • Are there banks who give a lower interest rate?

Some of the answers to these questions might give you some ideas for adjusting the Overhead Expenses.

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