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Office Supplies

Your office routines must suit your company. However, some general features apply.

It is a good idea to establish office routines which helps you organise your many administrative activities and documents.

Ring binders

On start-up you must purchase a suitable number of ring binders for filing of your vouchers. Index dividers also facilitate clarity. Sheet protectors, etc. are no good.

Filing system

Generally, you need to file your documents according to the below system:

  • Sales invoices (if you are primarily carrying out cash sales using a cash register you must file your cash register rolls).
  • Journal vouchers (vouchers of daily receipts and expenses)
  • Purchase voucher (if your business is not a trading company you can probably do without this file)
  • Bank statements (on your company┬┤s bank accounts)
  • Agreements and other confidential documents
  • Insurance certificates
  • Tax documents

The list is not exhaustive. Depending on which activities your business carries out you may need additional files. However, the above list constitutes the basic needs of most companies.

It is not imperative to have a ring binder for each of the above. Many such documents can easily be filed in the same ring binder, as long as they are separated by index dividers.
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Office Supplies
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