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Influence on Sales

There is no one recipe marketing experts can give you to make your products or services a great sales success. Or maybe..

Various business operation parameters must be utilized to influence sales. You and your helpers will be the ones who decide which parameters to use.


Ideally, a total optimisation of sales would be to add the necessary resources to each parameter at the right time. The big questions are: What are the necessary resources? When is the right time?

As a help to answer these two questions you can use the below parameters as inputs:

1) Fundamental sales affecting parameters:

  • Product design - product/service quality
  • Packaging - design, homogeneity, signalling environmental friendliness, recyclability, usefulness
  • Product range - wide, deep, trade specific
  • Price - pricing, psychological prices, sale, market-based price, etc.
  • Payment terms - cash, credit, discounts, etc.
  • Service - obligations to buyer, right of return, e-services, pre-delivery, after-sales
  • Location - near customers, near wholesaler
  • Staff - conduct, knowledge, expertise, specialisation, attitude
  • Distribution - direct/indirect sales, retail concept, co-operative purchasing association, sales van, packaging, physical transportation, etc.

2) Communication parameters

  • Advertising - advertisements, printed matter, internet, catalogues, brochures, magazines, flyers, cinema/TV/radio commercials, traffic adverts, shop displays, exhibition guides, signing, promotional gifts, etc.
  • Sales promotion - sample products, introductory offer, demonstration, delivery on approval, in-store displays
  • Public relations - publicity, storytelling, press releases, events, educational material
  • Fair and exhibition showcasing
  • Sponsorship - providing sponsorship for culture, sports, and environment
  • Personal sales promotion - sales letters, cold calling, direct mailing
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