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How to promote a store

If you have a shop, a clinic or restaurant, there are at least 13 tips for making customers buy from your business

The starting point for your marketing is that you have a good product or provide a good service. Once you are sure, tell potential customers what you are selling and where you live so they can come and buy from you.

Try these 13 store promoting activities

  1. Personal sales - outside the store - Always try to get customers into the store. Find ways to nudge customers into the store. For example, tasting samples, interesting offers or a cup of coffee

  2. Personal sales - in the store - Personalized service is essential for your store to be viewed positive in terms of quantity. Good, friendly and courteous service is remembered by the customer who tells it to other potential customers

  3. Logo - Make a nice logo that signals the quality and the recognizability of what you sell - two factors that are very important to your sales. You can have inexpensive logos made at www.fiverr.com

  4. Business Cards – hand them out in all the places you come to. In the store, in friends stores, at meetings and when you are with friends. Of course the logo is part of the business card

  5. Flyers - A great flyer can attract more customers and increase your sales. You hand out your flyers to customers in the store, put them in letterboxes, etc. Write the flyer using the AIDA method.

  6. Advertising Signs - Get a nice advertising sign for the facade. Do you live by a public road, so make sure that those who pass by know you exist. Make a sandwich sign and write your good deals so people who pass by may want to go into your store

  7. Light - Make sure there is good light in your store. Is there half dark, the customers think you are closed and the goods look boring in darkness.

  8. Storefront window displays - A well made window display offer a unique opportunity for you to grab customers attention and get them to come into your store.

  9. Website - Customers must be able to find you on the internet. Here customers will check you and look for great deals. You must have your own website. A Facebook page is not enough

  10. Electronic newsletter and social media - Get customers in the store to sign up for your online newsletter or Facebook page so you can send an email to them when you have a great deal

  11. Ads - Get more customers through great deals that you market through weekly newspapers or other newspapers with other shop owners in the area.

  12. Google My Business - is a free marketing tool. Your Business Profile appears at the right part of the screen when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Make your free profile from here https://www.google.com/business/

  13. Events - Events can also increase your sales. It may be fashion show, oriental cooking or lectures about the stores goods.

Do it

A shop, restaurant or clinic must constantly evolve and improve. It is the way to get new customers and keep the old ones.

Listen to the customers.

  • Maybe they ask for items you do not have?
  • Consider whether the missing items should be in the store.
  • Do they criticize that the goods are not fresh or outdated?
  • That the shop is badly decorated?
  • Can you feel that they think the store is boring?

... then do something about it.

Money coming in says I´ve made the right marketing decisions.
Adam Osborne, made the first portable computer

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