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FAB Model: Features - Advantages - Benefits

The FAB Model helps you understand the reason why the customer buys your product or service. Learn to spot Features - Advantages - Benefits

It is usually difficult to pinpoint the exact ways in which your customer will benefit from buying your service or product. It is far easier to tell your customer about all the features of a particular product. Features like size, weight, color or horse power.

However, customers are much more interested in hearing about the advantages of using your product or how they may benefit from buying a particular service. The FAB Model helps you listen to your customer.

Search for the advantages and benefits in your product or service - seen with your customers eyes.

FAB model elements

The FAB model can help you to focus on your customer´s needs. It will help you look at your service or product from three angles:

  1. Features – facts about the product/product label
  2. Advantages – what are the advantages to the customer of using your product or service?
  3. Benefits – what personal benefits does the customer get from the purchase?

By asking questions to your customers, you can find out which advantages and which benefits are important for individual customers. The basic knowledget for your business model.

Once you know that, you must in your marketing focus on explaining that your product deliver the advantages and benefits the customer are looking for.

What are the advantages and how do customers benefit from your service or product?

FAB example: Children´s clothes

If, for example, you want to sell expensive high-quality children´s clothes, you could look at our business/product in the following way:

  1. Features - organic cotton with non-toxic print, manufactured under the Fair trade label in Tanzania, eco-bleached ...

  2. Advantages - perfect seams, excellent fit, non-allergenic, color-fast, tolerates repeated washing ...

  3. Benefits - signaling that "Only the best is good enough for my child", "We can afford the best", "We support development in the third world" ...

FAB example: Psychologist

Services can also be analyzed using the FAB model. For a psychologist selling therapy to people experiencing some sort of crisis, the FAB model could look as follows:

  1. Features - professional therapist knowledgeable about psychological mechanisms, male/female, special fields of interest ...

  2. Advantages - central location, discreet entrance, inviting premises, pleasant atmosphere ...

  3. Benefits - no more anxiety, less grief, possibility of moving on in life ...

FAB example: Washing Machine

  1. Features  If you are selling washing machines the features of a washing machine are 120 high by 85 cm wide, color: white, can wash 7 kg. Spin speed is 1600 RPMF

  2. Advantages It is a standard sized washing machine so it fits in your bathroom and the color match other bathroom interior. The cloth is very dry when it spins with 1600 RPM

  3. Benefit Installing a washing machine give more free time for the housewife, time you can spend together or A restaurant owner saves the time an employee had to wash the table cloths by hand, time that now can be used to clean the kitchen properly.

Go for the benefit

What are the advantages and how do customers benefit from your service or product?

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