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Accounting on a computer

Most of those who choose in-house bookkeeping use IT.

All standard computers meeting a few minimum requirements are capable of running accounting programs or a online accounting programme. However, not all applications are optimised for all computers.

If you use a Mac you should find a accounting software programme specially made for Mac´s

Knowledge of accounting

You should be aware that basic IT skills are not enough to operate an accounting program. It is imperative to be familiar with the fundamental accounting rules.

No matter how sophisticated and user-friendly today´s software may be, it is a fact that if you do not have basic knowledge of accounting you will not manage.

IT tools at hand

Compare it to riding a bike without knowing the traffic regulations. You will only make things worse if you replace the bike with a car.

Likewise: A person who plunges into computer-based accounting without knowing the basic principles of accounting, will, because of the computer, make even more mistakes than if he/she did it the manual way.

But if you know basic principles of accounting, the proper accounting program is an invaluable assistance to streamlining the day to day bookkeeping. And today´s IT tools are so inexpensive that even a modest requirement justifies the investment.

What accounting program should I acquire?

There are numerous accounting programs available. New ones and updated versions of existing programs keep coming. Therefore, it is impossible to recommend one in preference to others.

You should contact other business owners and inquire about their experiences with specific accounting programs.

Try free accounting software

If you have less than 20 customers and suppliers you can download a 14 days free accounting software from Billy. If you have more than 2 Get some experience in making your account and then you can change to the accounting system of your choice.

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