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Advertisement Online and Offline

A way to tell the world you have great products or services to sell is to use advertisements.

Advertisements come in many forms, sizes and prices. Which fits your type of company you have to decide yourself.


There are many places where you can put in an advertisement. It is normally rather expensive for a new business to use advertisements because the response is usually poor. One advertisement doesn´t make a response. You have to put in several advertisements before the reader starts noticing it.

An advertisement can´t stand alone so you have to combine it with other marketing activities.

An advertisement can be put in a national newspaper, the town’s newspaper or the suburb paper. A telephone book or the town’s official web site might be a place. Also, trade paper, trade magazine and other focused papers are an option too.

Photocopied advertisements to be placed in shops, light posts, cafes and office buildings are a cheap way to get the word out about your company.

Online advertisement

Maybe online advertisement is better suited for your business? It is often cheaper and gives you better value for money using specifics web sites as your advertisement platform.

Google and Facebook have ads that only pub-up if the user is interested in your product or service. If a user click on your add you will be charged a certain fee.

There are many other international and local websites that have similar advertisement systems.

Active on social media

Another way to promote yourself and your business is to be active on the many different platforms. If you are skilled in a specific topic talk about it in forums or create your own Facebook page where you discuss with customers.


I you have a restaurant, a shop, a car or other public show possibilities, then these have to be used to their optimum. They will be free of charge and will hopefully attract the customer.

You could also hire a man to carry a sandwich sign showing the way to your restaurant or to your website.

Expert entrepreneurs believe that the future is shaped by people. They believe that if they can make the future happen.
- Saras D. Saravethy, professor in entrepreneurship

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