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Administration Made Easy

A lot of those who start business feel confronted with bureaucratic requirements of unreasonable proportions.

Entrepreneurs find especially these demands from public authorities. Lumped all together as: "trouble".

There is no denying that there are many rules to be complied with and many requirements to be met. However, the vast majority of trouble comes from lack of bookkeeping and accounting systematics. Many could cut the trouble simply by outsourcing such tasks.

Service providers

Many companies are specialised in making life easy for other companies concerning bureaucracy. Such companies differ significantly in terms of working method as well as product range and unfortunately not all service providers have high standards of professionalism.

Here is a brief description of various groups of such service providers:

State authorised or certified accountants

To an entrepreneur, there is no substantial legal difference between state authorised and certified accountants as both types of accountant are subject to almost similar legislation.

Both types offer a range of accounting and administrative services varying from one firm to another. Prices vary likewise.

Other accountants

Several persons offer accountancy without being neither a state authorised nor a certified accountant. This is fully legal as the title "accountant" is free to adopt without any sort of restrictions.

This group of accountants are under no public control and customers do not benefit from the same secureness as those who consult a state authorised or certified accountant. In return, they often get a better price.

Bookkeeping agencies

A typical bookkeeping agency exclusively offers daily bookkeeping and similar administrative tasks to its customers and does not take on assignments such as annual accounts, etc. This is handled by the customerĀ“s accountant.

In some cases a bookkeeping agency will be slightly cheaper than an accountant. This should, however, be held against the fact that by employing the same accountant for your daily bookkeeping as well as the making of you annual accounts you are likely to see a saving on the total accounting and administration expenditure.
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Month end is approaching - Keep calm and carry on accounting.
- Unknown accountant

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