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If you start a small company with just you as the only employee you will probably be your own accountant.

The company will grow and you hire staff. More activity in the company is generated. Then it becomes difficult for you to do your own accounts.
You should get someone to take care of your financial accounting.

Focus on business development

If you find someone who can take care of your finances you can focus on business development and sales. Doing the accounts in a business is a fairly straight forward but time consuming job.

Any skilled accountant should be able to make your accounts so you should not spend too much time on that job. You could hire an accountant or source it out to an accountancy firm.
As the business owner you must focus on sales and the development of your business. Not on the time consuming accounting job.

You are responsible

Remember that you still have the responsibility for your finances even if you hire an accountant. Build secure procedures so you do not tempt the accountant to put some of your money in his own pocket.

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