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Download Apps - Free Downloads of Templates

Free Download of Business Plan Templates
Here you find free business plan templates. Download them and you have the tool to create your own personal business plan.


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This app is a tool that gives you:
  • 100 startup background articles
  • 3 business plan examples to learn from
  • 3 budget templates to download
  • 1 business plan template with 80 startup questions
How to use the app:
  • Read the articles and learn startup essentials
  • The business plan examples show how you write the business plan
  • Budget templates point out your startup expenses
  • Business plan template guides you to answer the right questions

Download iPhone Business Plan App

Download Android Business Plan App

iPhone app: Accounting in Small Businesses
As a small business owner you need to know: Do I Make Money? To answer that question you need to establish proper accounting procedures.

You get enough knowledge so you can talk to and to understand a professional accountant without feeling embarrassed.

Manage Your Business when you have time - on your iPhone
75 articles about accounting and the financial information received. Extra: Budget templates and two eBooks.

5 tools to develop your own business plan:


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