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Business Plan in an iPhone App

The iPhone app will in 9 steps guide you to start your own business. Soon you can be your own boss.

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App Scout Business Plan Review

If you think you do not have the time, but your entire life is on your iPhone, why not put your business plan on it as well? The Business Plan for Entrepreneurs Startups app gives you the 9 critical essentials you must have for a solid business foundation.
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Thomsen Business Information
Fritz Sybergsvej 9
8270 Hojbjerg
Scandinava, Denmark
Att: Mogens Thomsen
Business reg: DK 25 58 86 30

Extremely useful business plan app for iPhone
- Hansson, international business consultant

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Step 4 Sales and Marketing
Step 5 Organising your Company
Step 6 Business Development
Step 7 Budgets
Step 8 Financing
Step 9 Business Concept
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