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Calculate turnover and necessary sales

This document shows a rough estimate over a company’s operating budget and needed sales.

It gives you overview of how many items/hours you must sell in order to meet your operating budget.

Enter the following figures:
Demand for profit per year/your salary:
Your fixed cost per year:
Salary to employees per year:
Sales price per sold unit:
Purchase/transaction price per sold unit:

With the entered figures your operating budget will look like this:

Operating budget for one year in your company
Turnover/sales: $
- Used goods/transaction costs $
= Gross profit: $
- Salary to employees $
- Fixed costs $
= Profit/revenue (your salary) $

Necessary sales to meet the budget:
Sales per year:  Units
Sales per month:  Units (11 months)
Sales per week:  Units (47 weeks)
Sales per days:  Units (300 days)

You now have to asses:
1) Do the typed figures appear realistic?
2) If the figures appear to be realistic, will you be able to sell the required units ?

Template to calculate contribution margin

in $

in %

Type sales price per sold unit (ex. VAT)
Type in the sales price pr. sold item: - Purchase/transaction price per sold unit
 - Purchase of service/goods at supplier:
= Contribution margin & - ratio = = Contribution margin
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