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Here you find a template where you can calculate how large a turn over you need in your business to make it viable.

How large a sale
At the same time you can see how many pieces of goods or working hours you need to sell to meet your income goal.

Enter the following figures:
Demand for profit per year/your salary:
Your fixed cost per year:
Salary to employees per year:
Sales price per sold unit: % - Help
Purchase/transaction price per sold unit:

With the entered figures your operating budget will look like this:

Operating budget for one year in your company
Turnover/sales: $
- Used goods/transaction costs $
= Gross profit: $
- Salary to employees $
- Fixed costs $
= Profit/revenue (your salary) $

Necessary sales to meet the budget
(Method of calculation: Turn over / price per unit = sold units)
Sale per year:  units
Sale per month:  units (11 mdr.)
Sale per week:  units (47 weeks)
Sale per days:  units (300 days)
Wish or reality
Notice that you have only found out that with the TYPED IN FIGURES you realise a sale of XX $.
You have not found out that you are ABLE to realise a sale of XX $ to meet your wish of a profit of YY $.

Valid in both production and services businesses
This way to calculate sales and turn over can be used in all kinds of businesses. In each case you will be able to calculate how many units/hours/treatments you need to sell in order to meet your wish/need for profit.
  • The Café calculates how many cups of coffees it needs to sell

  • The hairdresser calculates how many hair cuts she needs to do

  • The Ferry Service calculates how many cars and persons it needs to transport to the other side of the river.

  • The Dentist calculates how many dental treatments are needed

  • The consultant calculates how many hours he needs to sell

Template to calculate contribution ratio


in %

Type in the sales price pr. sold item:
 - Purchase of service/goods at supplier:
= Contribution margin & - ratio = CR
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Calculate sales and Turnover

Calculate sales and Turnover
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